About Us

Who. We Are

We are an Emirati perfume company that offers the best and most luxurious Arabic and French perfumes, and we strive to satisfy different Arab and international tastes through the manufacture and presentation of our products, and we strive to reach international markets soon.

Grasse name for a French city Grasse is considered the global capital for the manufacture of the most luxurious perfumes and has become famous in the contemporary cultural imagination as the pioneer of international perfumes and from here the Grasse Perfumes Company began to manufacture and provide the best and finest international perfumes using original oils and raw materials.

The origin
of the company

It started its first steps in 2019 and achieved great success among the successful perfume brands and proved its presence in the Emirati perfume market in a short time.

The Mission.

To be the world-leading company in the field of manufacturing and providing Arabic and French perfumes with high-quality products, in terms of original crude oils as well as the best talents in the industry.

The Vision.

To be the leading company in the manufacture of Arabic and French perfumes globally.